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The Band

Ruben J. Murrieta


Birthplace: SoCal
Hometown: Whittier, CA
Resides: Fontana
Role in Band: Lead Vocals, Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Harmonica,Songwriter
Hobbies: Music,Aviation (Commercial Rated Pilot over 2000 hrs flt time),Drawing,Running(Marathon one of these days)…​


A lil about me... It all started sitting in the garage in Whittier, as a kid, on Sunday mornings making model airplanes and listening to “Breakfast with the Beatles”. They were the first group that gave me the “Thrill” of Music. Later, plucking a old "Tijuana" guitar, with only 2 strings-"Man, I was flying!" I was playing guitar! “You Really Got Me” I think …or thought…Today, I am overjoyed to be playing with my Best Buds, bringing to life songs that have been in me and want to come out. My influences range from all the Blues Legends, B.B., Buddy, SRV, to Van Halen to Bruce Springsteen to Dave Matthews and more. I love Hawaiian music and listening to Classical on a long drive at night. As a Songwriter, you hope to hit that “nerve” with the audience. The songs may be about me or not, It really doesn't matter. I want them to be about you or someone out there. I aim to be that "Fly on the Wall" and tell the story. I look forward to the near future, sharing the songs that deserve a shot and “Making that Connection”…

Bill Giles


Born: Bitburg, Germany

Hometown: Now, and for many years, Fullerton, Ca

Hobbies: Eating Mark M’s cooking at rehearsals and watching old science fiction movies on Sunday


Mother was a concert pianist, Father was a vocalist in musical theater, barbershop and choruses. Muddled through piano, guitar, drums, and trombone as a little kid. Found the bass at around 12 years old and have been playing one ever since. Am set in progressive and theatrical rock; Early bass mentors: Chris Squire, Stanley Clarke. Have been fortunate to play in many bands, both original and club/cover, and to have worked with and learned from many amazing musicians, as is still the case.

Mark Myers


Birthplace: Lynwood, CA

Hometown: Whittier, CA

Resides: La Habra, CA

Role in Band: Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

Hobbies:Avid Golfer, BBQ Chef

Mark started playing guitar at 11 years old. Even at a young age, all those that knew him realized he had a gift. Playing in bands such as The Waive, he was always a sought after player. He continued playing Semi-Pro til his 30's. Mark decided to put down the "6-String" to start a Family and start up his own business. Some influential musicians and bands Mark notes are Eric Clapton, Jackson Browne, Steely Dan to name a few. Currently, he also plays in a great cover band in Southern California called "The Nitekatz". Mark joined RMB in 2012 with his first gig being the "From the Pieces on the Ground" CD Release Party.

Mark Cervantes



Role in Band: 


Jarrod James




Country/Rock/Blues/Ragtime Player 

Influenced by Grateful Dead, Chick Corea, Billy Joel, Willie Nelson, Van Morrison

Began studying music in 2002 filling Keyboard roles in various Jam and Jazz projects ultimately finding a home with "Paper Crowns" playing Accordion.

Currently playing out as much as possible and recording at home. Member of Mad Mitch and the Meanies. 

Kevin Marin



Kevin Marin caught the harmonica bug as a teenager after hearing the iconic Sonny Terry in 1973. Soon after, he bought his first "Tin Sandwich" and studied Sonny and others ranging from DeFord Bailey and Sonny Boy Williamson to Paul Butterfield and Charlie Musselwhite. Kevin plays the 10-hole diatonic harmonica and indulges his love for "Good Time Americana" as the lead singer and harmonica player for the "Liars Club" band in Southern California.  He has performed at the Los Angeles and Orange County fairs and teaches harmonica for the Claremont Folk Music Center at it's annual music festival.

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